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Since I already told you that I am a hobby webmaster I also want to share here whit you the things I tested out whit WordPress because that is the main tool that I use to create a lot of my sites for my hobby and my clients.


I also have used many other tools like Joomla, Drupal, Presta Shop, Magenta, PHP Nuke, phpbb and many more but the most used tool still is WordPress for those reasons I would love to write about WordPress and for those reasons I will create a WordPress category on my blog.

Plugin talk

I will talk a lot about plugins and what alternatives you have for certain things like sliders, SEO, page builders and so on.

plugin talk

I will also rate the plugins and give my opinion on them because I used a lot of them from payed to free and must say that WordPress is for those reasons very surprising. You can find better free stuff than payed plugins while on the opposite you have Joomla where if you want a great plugin you need to pay it and even then the plugin can be broken or not working properly.

For all the above I will post weekly at least one plugin that I was surprised or that I used and found it useful.

Free and Paid Themes

WordPress as the most popular tool for creating sites also has a great number of themes that you can use as a shell for your site. I will share here whit you all the themes that I find worth mentioning.


There are a lot of free themes and also there is a lot of paid themes if not even more than free themes but I will try to bring you the best themes for your use. And say a few words about what I found useful and great on them. Because I will mostly test them out on one of my sites.

I don’t want to bother you anymore whit all the things that I plan to post in this category but for now I think that’s more than enough to get the point why I want to start blogging about WordPress as well on this site.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to visit us again.

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