Yes you heard me right WordPress is not perfect and I hate it but still WordPress is WordPress what can you do.

The thing is that I use WordPress a lot, most of my sites and my client sites are actually created whit WordPress and it works but I was never satisfied whit the way those sites work. And that’s whit my client’s websites as well. Of course, they are more than satisfied whit their sites but I as the creator don’t like them.

And that’s mostly because when you want something to create in WordPress there comes a point where you need to start adding plugins, editing the functions and CSS of the sites and you realize that most of the things can be done better you seen better and it’s not that you don’t have the knowledge but it’s just that even when you do everything right it doesn’t work the way you intended it to work.

And if you use some plugins like Elementor, WPBakery and similar site builders you create a site that’s hard to edit although those plugins are created to make our job of creating sites easier testing and adding functions is a pain in the ass for itself.

But still, WordPress is WordPress you can hate the work on it as much as you want but still, it’s the best app to create sites for different purposes and I just hope that I will learn to use WordPress in a way that it won’t bother me that much or there will come a time where using WordPress will be more fun (it’s already a lot of fun) and that you will be able to get the desired look easier and not wasting a lot of time making things work but actually sharing content and making content for your visitors.