Welcome to my journey of starting a blog and maintaining one

Hello and welcome to my blog this is my journey of creating maintaining a blog. This blog is about everything I want to write and everything I want to share.

The thing is that I started this blog a numerous times but never did I managed to maintain one or I would stop to post because I don’t know what to write about or didn’t have the time but to keep it clear I’ve made a lot of mistakes and that’s all you need to know for now.

Introduction of the blogger

I won’t start this sentence whit the Hello world thingy. But all you need to know about me as the blogger and owner of this site is that I’m 30 years old a family guy and that I like almost any kind of content and find information useful and the more you know you still stupid.

Content of this blog

The content on this blog will be random and I really mean it random I don’t have any idea about what will I be posting on this blog. It’s so that I have a domain I have some hosting space available so why not start a blog.

I will try my best to post when ever I have time to create a blog post sometimes it will be written like this one, other times I will share some pictures, or videos, or some tutorial, some photos or some random free thingy like free stocks or similar stuff.

But for what I can tell now it’s that I will share as much as I can when I you will probably find something useful.

Copy/Paste content

All I can say now is that I will try my best to not make Copy/Paste content. The idea is to create content not duplicate content so if you ask me this blog will be 100% our work even featured images will be edited.

Thank you for your time

Since this is my first blog post and I don’t want to waste more of it on something crappy like this post, I would love to say to you Thank you and see you another time, I’m sorry I wasted your time on just saying “Hello World”

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