As I use a lot of typography for my work as a designer, I’m always looking for some great fonts and for these purposes I use 5 sites and they are the best for me.


Probably the most popular site for downloading free fonts but that’s for a reason.

It’s easy to use not a lot of ads and has a great preview of fonts. A lot of categories so it’s easy to find the font you need for your work.

The only thing I don’t like on DaFont is that you don’t know how many characters are there in the font or is it just a demo font whit basic characters.


Similar to DaFont but whit some extra features like Character map which will help you find fonts that are usable for special characters like ć,č,š,ž,đ.


Again a great site that’s on par whit those above a large database a great preview and easy to use. Also, this site has its own features that will help you find the right font for your work.


Jump on this site and enjoy in a large database of free fonts. Nothing much to say about this site like those above easy to use and has a lot of categories which will help you to find the right font for you.


Again another site similar to those above but still a great site to find fonts for your work. Give it a try.