The skins is what matters

Like you can see I have changed the look on the site. From now on we are getting serious I will soon create a custom logo and also I will change the fonts to something better like Ubuntu font or Raleway I don’t know I will be testing those things out a bit later for now my main focus is to write posts and to share content whit you all.


The theme I chose for my site is BAM and for now it’s the free version of it I don’t know in the future maybe I will consider buying it but for now I will be using the free thingy. We need content more than we need functionality. Since I’m on a budget I actually don’t have the money now to buy the premium version but hope I will buy it in few months or a year. If you want you can always donate to me check out my support me page.


Actually it doesn’t like anything else in the world it’s nice if everything is pretty and functional but content is what matter and that will be my focus here it’s better to create something new then to just copy/paste everything and that is something like sad earlier I plan on to do. Working on this site everyday will hopefully be worth it.

I just wanted to write a bit more that’s the reason there are currently two post on the site and what can I say I need content so this is something as well.

Again Thank you for your time don’t forget to visit my blog again and I hope you find some day something on it or stumble on it sometimes in the future on Google or any other Search engine.

Love you all, stay alive and positive.


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