Hello and welcome to my journey of 10k $ of passive income from websites. This is my first post and I will share today whit you: How I’m planning to start this journey and also the idea I plan to accomplish this goal.

The start!

Like anything else, the start is the hardest thing but I am planning to make it an easy start like anything in life even this is going to take some time to make it work.

The main thing in starting anything and this as well is motivation something that will keep you going. And that is something that I always and see this as a challenge and I’m never running away from a challenge. So I want to create a stable passive income in my life whit websites and to achieve that it will take a lot of sweat and hard work in the following months and years. But I will not back away from the challenge until I achieve it. That’s my motivation for this project and it will keep me going.

But now to the main point of me starting this. Well, the plan is to create 30 websites whit different content some of them will automatically add content some will be manually edited but if calculated everything right each website would need to create 333,33 $ each month to achieve my goal of 10k $ monthly. How will I achieve that is an uncertain thing currently but in front of me are different challenges that I need to solve first before we can achieve this goal.

Determine a budget for this journey to 10k

The first thing in starting this is to determine a budget for this project and I already did this because l created a site already and have 2 more sites so I’m already on 3 sites and 27 more to go. But back to the topic, first of all, I needed a budget for this project before I can do anything else and I calculated and put aside about 2k $ in the next 2 years for this project. In that, I need to pay for the hosting domains and everything else like advertisement and everything else I plan to use to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Buying my first domain for the journey

Well, already have a domain but that is the first thing I did and plan on buying more for this project currently only have around 10 domains for this project but will slowly start to buy more as I create sites.

For domains, I ‘m using NameCheap.com. Probably the best place to buy cheap domain names now and always, and there are always some coupon codes that you can use and you save a lot of money this way and because I’m on a low budget it comes in handy if I can save few bucks in and the return of investment will be faster or ROI as many would say.

So if you are buying a domain go check out NameCheap.com and see their prices you won’t regret it.

For now, I have bought 10 domains and we will be talking about every site later, as this journey of mine is being turned into reality.

Hosting for my sites and this journey

The next thing I needed for this project was a good and reliable hosting solution. And I don’t trust those hosting solutions like GoDaddy and Hostgator. They will suspend your hosting for single copyright infringement, happened before.

So I was searching and testing a lot of hosting solutions the last year and I have finally found the one I am happy whit Flaunt7.com. It’s an offshore hosting solution whit great service low prices and an uptime of 99.99% in my case 100% of my sites are running a long time on this hosting solution and never went down had problems whit Cloudflare and other CDNs but never whit hosting the sites always run smooth and better than on any host I used before and for a low amount of cash.

But if you are looking for a place to host your site please check out Flaunt7.com you won’t regret it believe me.

Set everything up and started

Now that I got everything Domains, Hosting, a budget, and determined to start I needed to set everything up, and so I did.

I linked my domains to my hosting and installed WordPress on every one of my sites and now I’m actually adding a lot of content on most of those sites.

Currently, sites that are up and running are:

  • Custos.club
  • xHentai.club
  • GirlsDaily.club
  • GamesGO.xyz
  • Stupidvideo.club

So already 5 done 25 to go for this journey to 10k. I will keep you updated on this project so don’t forget to bookmark this little blog of mine.

If you want to read more about this journey to 10k $ all posts will be in the Blog and MMO category.