These couple of months I tried my best to make some content on the site but, I just couldn’t figure out what to write and how to write. So I will take a new approach for creating new posts from now on.

I will just write the things I do and see where it takes us. Topics will be about everything from Money making online, my projects, the things I do daily, graphics, life topics to things like energy drinks or books.

I want to make this site a 1k post site and don’t plan on making any money from it just want to make a site that is something like a hobby for me and that’s the goal from now on.

I want that this site becomes something I’m proud of and for those reasons I didn’t want to share everything but from my point of view limiting my self for just one thing is suicide for me and this site.

I mostly copied the content on my other sites but now I want to create something unique. Something mine and only mine.

And this post should be the breaking point where I start to post all kind of stuff and not limiting myself to only certain topics because I need more experience in writing quality content and limiting myself will not make me a better writer of post.