Step 2 to 1 million $

By | November 2, 2021

For those who are reading this post as a first post check out the last 2 posts related to this topic.

My road to 1 Million in the Bank

Step 1 to 1 million $

Those are the first two posts of many to come and here is the second update and the second step is cleared as well.

First of all, let me say that it’s been a rough 2 months and in those two months I wasn’t able to update you on step 2 but for the most important part of this post I have achieved it and now I’m starting to work on step 3 preparing the ground for step 4 and so on.

Step 2 earning report

The same as in the first post I added here some of the ways I made some money to achieve the second goal or 0.02$.

Adsterra – $0.787

ExoClick – $0.74

BetterHash – $122.05

PopAds – $1.12

Staking Cardano – $4.67

Job – $ 1800

Freelancing – $422

I know it’s a lot more than we wanted. But from now on I decided that I will remove some aspects from this since I need that money for living expenses. My whole paycheck goes for bills and groceries so I will not put that anymore as a way I earned some money because nothing is left after I pay everything I need so I will be posting the data of other incomes.

Since we managed to earn those 0.02$ and we are mostly earning more than 0.02$ a month we are attacking the next step.

The next step is 0.04$ a month and we will see how are we going to achieve that. Also one of the important parts in this topic is that I stopped mining Etherum since the cost of mining has gone up so it isn’t profitable anymore.

Since I managed to get some things in my life done and now have more free time I will be posting regularly from now on. Also, I will be posting more about making money online and everything I do since I really want to make this a profitable living and not just a project that I left after a couple of months.

Thank you for reading this post stay tuned for the next post on the 2nd November and don’t forget to visit us again.

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