Step 1 to 1 million $

By | September 5, 2021

Intro – First step to 1 million $

This is the first post of my progress to 1 million $. First of all, it’s been a rough month for me and didn’t find time to do a lot on this site because of other projects but here I am sharing my first progress for a long time.

I started a lot this month actually managed to create 5 sites that I plan to own in the future and started to work on them of course I’m planning to expand my business as well in the future to 10 different sites and hire few people that will work on them but currently, this is a project in progress.

The goal of this month or this step was to have earned 0.01$ and I managed that. Actually, I managed a lot more but for now, I was interested in creating a way to earn 0.01$ daily and I did a few things to actually achieve that goal.

For now, I started to use Adstera, ExoClick, PopAds, IPRoyals and Honeygain to earn my first step and I have managed to earn a lot more than 0.01$ on all of those mentioned earlier.

First I started to use Adstera and use their native ads on some of the sites I created and started to create traffic on those sites. And most of them earn on a daily basis about 0.02$ so I already did my second step to 1 million $ but for now, I will say that only the first step is done. Not because I don’t plan to keep on this project but to give me some extra time for steps that are coming like the final steps and further on.

Since I plan to keep on this project I will start to post even more related to this topic from what I plan to do to what I did to achieve the goals I set for myself. Currently, I’m still betting a lot whit myself and the way I do certain things in life and the thing I need to change the most is myself at first to be able to achieve this goal. Consider this topic a topic to success and not only how can you make some money in life because there is a way of thinking in those who succeed in life they just live differently than others and approach to various problems in a different way and that is something that you need to learn.

First step is finished

Like sad in the intro of this post I have achieved my first step and considering that the first step is the hardest one I believe that everyone can achieve the goal of having a million in their bank account. It’s just a way of living instead of an opportunity or anything else you just need to work your way up following simple steps and being determined to achieve everything you want in life.

For everything you want there is a simple way to achieve it keep working your way until you succeed and this step seems simple because all you need to do is earn 0.01$ but actually it’s a process where you need to start thinking of ways you can make money and what is the best approach to get to the point you want. I’ve done that now there are other problems I need to solve how to generate traffic to my sites and how to achieve the second goal in the time to come. I can’t change what I’ve done but can improve on what is coming. But for now, the most important part is I managed to earn quite a lot this month.

Step 1 earning report

As mentioned earlier I’ve started my project to achieve 1 million $ in my bank account.

Adsterra – $1.633

ExoClick – $0.41

PopAds – $0.72

BetterHash – $102.05

Staking Cardano – $4.02

Job – $ 900

Freelancing – $215

TOTAL – $1.223.833

So like you can see the total for this month has been 1.223.833$ and my expenses for this month whit hosting electricity and all the other things I needed for living were around 980$ and whit that I already have 243.833$ in my account. But we will say that I managed to earn only 0.01$ this month after all the expenses and paid bills and I’m starting to attack the next step 0.02$

Final words for the first step to 1 million $

I won’t bother you much whit this but here are some of my final words to you regarding this topic. If you want to achieve anything in life start whit simple steps on things you can easily achieve and then start to build your way up.

Consider yourself as a toddler every step is hard but simple at the same time but you need to work your way up until you are able to walk. And everything in life is the same thing don’t be afraid to start the things you want because it’s just in your mind you can achieve whatever you want as long as you work on the path you are setting for your self everything else will follow since nothing is set in stone for anyone, and only you are able to change the things the way you want.

Thank you for visiting hope I inspired you start some of your projects or your way to earn the 1 million $.

Love you and see you in the next post.

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