Well as I go on working on this site and many others for my project 10k a month I also start do add more categories and discover what I really want to share whit you. Or better sad I can easier determine what I want to write on certain sites. So I added the new category on Custos.club or better sad I added the category WordPress.

Whats this new category WordPress

The new category on my site called WordPress is the place where I will share all the things related to WordPress, and it will contain everything from setting up your WordPress site to manipulating whit WordPress in different ways from custom editing to adding new plugins, themes and more.

Also one of the things I will focus on is to create a post where I write about different plugins that will help you whit your site, project or getting the wanted results.

I use WordPress a lot and why not talk about it

The decision to create this category came because I use WordPress a lot for my projects and clients and when I think about it why not write (type) about it. It’s something that I use a lot and know a thing or two so there aren’t any reasons not to write about it. That’s the main reason I create this category and plan to post a lot in this category.

Plugins mostly free

Because I’m mostly on a budget when it comes to creating a website for my projects or for my clients there isn’t a lot of space for premium plugins like WordPress Bakery or a Premium Theme so I mostly use free plugins to get the wanted results. I know that you think that I’m maybe limited whit this but actually I’m not there are a lot of free plugins that will help you create almost anything whit WordPress and I hope that I will share whit you at least a thousand of plugins on this blog of mine.

Free and Paid Themes

As sad I use WordPress a lot and I use it for various purposes and because of that I use different themes and test a lot of themes mostly free but I also buy from time to time a custom theme whit more customization options that helps you get the wanted result. That’s also a thing that I will write about a lot.

I don’t want to bother you any more whit the reasons I’m starting this WordPress category but it’s here love it or hate.

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