As a webmaster, the thing is always to make some money from this and have some fun time while doing the things you like and that’s owning a site and maintaining the site.

My goal was never to make millions from sites but to make a passive income so I can have a much easier life doing this as a hobby and still keeping my job. But now I have changed my mind and want to change my passive income to a full-time job so I have determined to start developing my skills in making more money online whit trying various things and started to test different methods of online money making.

I will be talking here about everything I tried in the years from PTC sites, Offers, Surveys, PPD (Paid per Download), CPA, CPC, CPM and much much more. Also, I will share here some of my payments and from different Ad Networks and will be talking other things I know helped me create a few websites that I could sell for a decent amount of money or made me some extra money.

Also, this category is my journey of making a monthly income of 10k $. That is a goal for me right now and one of my lifetime goals.

Thank you for reading and visiting my site. More content is coming.