My first post

Welcome to the official site of Custos or CustosNET. I’m a hobby webmaster or I like to say it so. Create sites out of fun and maintain them as well.

First Post

This is one of the sites I own and I work on in my free time. This is also a project of mine to create a stable income in my life or better sad one of stable incomes because to be successful you need at least 6 types of income and this is one of the ways I am planing to make money in my life as a webmaster. Maybe not the best but additional founds in my pocket aren’t something that I don’t need and this is also a great way to make the best out of my time not waste it on things like television or something similar to that.

The plan of the site

The plan for the site is simple. Create content and keep it running I don’t have a specific topic I want to talk about or a product that I want to sell to you. This is more like a blog about the things I do. things I love and just a way to leave something back in return from what I get from the online community.


I am planing to create post about everything and nothing in the same time. To create content sometimes good sometimes bad. Better sad more bad than good but content.

I’m a graphics designer and work as one because that I create a lot content like pictures, vectors stocks and much more, and because of that I will also share here a lot of graphics, images and much more related to graphics, design, and stock materials.

Posting plan

I am not planing on having a posting plan or a schedule for posting I will post when I have time to do so or when I have the material to post something if there isn’t anything to post I won’t post there will be stuff like funny videos or images on a daily bases but that’s just something like a dump of things I like. Videos as well and most of them will be just YouTube links to animation and other things that I find interesting, and fun.


I will try my best to post at least 3 times a week on a certain topic but those topics will never be focused just on one thing like, sports, web, or anything else they will be random.

My sites and success

Like I earlier sad I am a hobby webmaster or like to call my self that way. And this site is just one of the sites I run and maintain on my hosting. I will share whit you all the other sites here as well and everything about them why I choose those topics and why I created them and links to them as well.

Currently I am owning 10 different sites most of them are NSFW but I don’t care about that very much I like it and don’t really care about people opinions they don’t have the right to say anything it’s better to do something then just saying it’s hard to work and do something laying in bad and watching TV just to pass the time.


Because I’m testing different stuff on mi sites I will also share most of the stuff I find out whit you. Also payment profs and my reviews of different publishers that payed me.

Six Methods of income

One thing that I will also share whit you is Six Methods of income because I’m a real believer in this. Or better sad you can’t make money by just doing one thing but having more income trough different channels . Whit just a job payment you can live but not afford certain things and you don’t have a stable life because you always need to work but whit six different incomes you’re less dependent on a job and more relaxed in your life.

Personal goals

As a person whit a lot of flaws and a person that is aware of not always being right and knowing that I make mistakes. I will also share some of my personal life goals and achievements also fails and other stuff that’s bugging me in my life.

Right now I can just say one things and that’s that I am 27 years and still have a lot in front of me not just developing my self into a better person but also to start create and build things like this website and a lot of other things.

Final words

I don’t want to bother you anymore in this post so that’s it for my first post I know it’s nothing special and doesn’t say anything but who cares. Come visit us again sometime in the future or better come again tomorrow there will be something


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