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Ok today another blog post from me to continue what I wrote before. Like I sad I am a hobby webmaster probably not the best but hey it’s a hobby so I thinks it’s great for something that I do in my free time.


The thing is I like to work on my sites and because of that I am making sites. Love to work on the content of the site the layout the functionality and every other aspect of the sites even the boring parts are interesting and I love doing them.

Because of that I decided to create more of web sites some of them are already online some aren’t but the thing is that I want to have at least 10 active web sites whit at least 10k visits a month. That’s actually not much but it’s something like a personal goal.

Addiction of web sites making

Since I was 14 years old I was making small blogs and bulletin boards and that everything went whit some success or none success but all of those sites are down since long but that’s where my addiction of making sites and maintaining them began.

After just 3 or 5 sites I was hooked on web sites making. The thing is maybe I don’t create quality sites but I make them learn in the process I’m not bored and make something out of my free time. I do a lot of other things but nothing is as interesting as creating a web site and getting traffic to it, monetizing the same thing and so on.

The addiction of site making is real and I don’t know are there any other people like me who like making sites like me. It’s not hard for me to work long because of a web site I don’t get tired like on many other jobs I worked on. It’s just so great that I can’t explain it to anybody.

There is something in the things of creating a web site and making it work the way you want and intended to.

The goal is 10 sites

My goal whit web sites is to have 10 different web sites whit a lot of content on them or better sad I want to create 10 sites whit over 1k posts on them individually.

But also it’s a number of sites that I would be proud off a number where I would say it’s enough. I am currently on a good path I already have 6 bought domains and I have already done the most part on 4 of those domains 2 are in preparation and I am planing on buying additional 4 domains but currently I don’t know what those sites will be about and that’s the mayor problem currently the lack of ideas of what will the sites be about. But I will overcome that I am sitting every night and thinking about those things.

The Key is work and don’t worry

The main thing currently is that I need to work on everything I am planing. I am doing everything by my self no help no one to help me and everything is one step at a time. Sometimes you fail and everything goes bunkers but you stand up again and start from scratch faster and better because you constantly learn during this process.

Also one of the things I am currently doing is just working and I am relaxed as fuck so to say I don’t care if I succeed whit a site or not does it affect me in any way making something is far more important to me than money or anything else I try to monetize my sites but it isn’t a big deal money at all isn’t a big deal to me anymore because I don’t care that much anymore about those things because I can always live whit out a dime in my hands it’s not so important to me anymore.

Living happy and a meaning full life is far more important to me than material stuff and money.

I Don’t want to bother you much more so this is for now.

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