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It’s been some time since I posted my last post but now I’m here again and I’m continuing to write. Since I was busy at my full-time job and had a lot to do I really didn’t have the time to post but now I have some spare time or better sad I made some spare time to write this post.

This post like all others will be around 1000 words, that’s the plan from now on to create posts that are at least 1000 words long.

Since I’m starting to create sites and actually plan to make working from home my primary job I also decided to create a new category on this site. The category I plan to add is Making Money Online. Since I plan to make this my only occupation I will need to find ways to make money from home and since I’m a person that needs to share and want to share I will also share whit you all the methods of making money online.

I will try many things and I will share them here whit you since I really don’t have anything to hide or better sad there isn’t anything that I’m not willing to share whit the community since knowledge needs to be shared and experience as well so use me as a springboard until you achieve your goals.

I already added the category there isn’t any content currently on it but there will be content in the future since I don’t want to share whit you something that I didn’t already try and didn’t get paid from the program or site. Only sites that payout will come in the option I will not share whit you some scam sites or similar since that’s something I hate and that’s something I want to protect you from.

Also, I will talk about cryptocurrencies there, NFT, and much more.  My opinions about various coins, altcoins and everything else there is to talk there about. Since I’m also still learning to write I’m sorry if you don’t get what I wanted to say to you.

But currently, my point of view is that if you want to create money online is the best way to do so and many of us can actually achieve our goals if we stick together and create communities that are willing to share ideas, knowledge and help each other out in the pursuit of achieving the final goal a steady income in your life or even better a full-time job.

As earlier said I’m always available to share my experience and you can always communicate whit me I also started a Telegram channel where I will be available for any kind of communication so feel free to join there and chat whit me and others on this link the rules are simple just come and enjoy the community sharing only legal stuff.

Since I really want to share whit you as much as I can but still don’t want to make you lose any money the posts in this category will be from time to time since it’s really hard until you find something valuable to share and easy to explain. But the thing here is to find many sites on which you will be able to earn at least some money that will make your life easier or help you pay your bill or some extra money for investments.

Like sad I think that many of you are looking for things like ways to make money and I plan to write about them from now on also I will try to write about many other ideas on what kind of business you can start and how to improve your life since I’m also trying to improve my life as well.

I will not talk about the latest happenings in the world since I don’t care, all I’m interested in is helping you and me to make some extra money or a business that will make your life a lot easier and make your life better in any way that’s possible.

One of the things I’m also planning to add to this site is Books to read since I changed watching television to reading books and those books are helping me see things that I didn’t realise earlier or gave me the power to understand certain things and pinpointed certain things I earlier couldn’t see. Also, some of the improved my life made me think about stuff I’ve done and things that I need to do and change in my life to live the life I want to live.  I know that reading isn’t something that most people love to do or want to do but it’s the best way to improve your life and add value to you as a person since you will learn much more from a book than you can actually learn from some other source even YouTube videos or Tutorials on YouTube aren’t good as a book since you can read them on your pace and slowly learn the things you want to learn but that’s is another topic that I will write on later.

Since I don’t want to bother you anymore whit some bullshit and I keep on writing on stuff that’s not related to this topic anymore, whit me adding the category for Money Making Online on this little blog and writing on that topic from now on, here is another paragraph of text since I’m almost finished whit my 1000 words per post.

Here is the last thing I want to share whit you in this post. Keep on doing what you love doing and make it a habit to work on it daily for as long as possible since from hard work and sticking to the same thing for a longer period of time success will come eventually. The thing is to keep on playing your game until you achieve victory and that’s it there isn’t surrender there isn’t an obstacle you can’t overcome and there isn’t a goal you can’t achieve if you truly work on it every day.


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