Making money online

A topic that it more then to often used on any search engine. This is a topic that I will also attack not because I want to do what every other person does on the internet whit it but to actually share my opinion and my experience while trying to create an additional income.


When it comes to money making online there are a lot of different ways to make money but the thing is that everything comes to a point of ads the more views you get and covert those views to clicks, sold products, memberships or similar stuff the more money you earn.

There are things like freelancing and similar stuff but even there you need to brand your self work hard and make a name for your self so you get clients who will pay you for your work. So the thing is that it doesn’t matter what you do most of the time you will need to advertise, advertise advertise.

Patience is the key

When it comes to money making online I must say that patience is the key if you want to play the long game. You can try to make shortcuts but most of the time success is temporarily, It huge and short and than it drops to nothing something like a one hit wonder it’s ok but it will last for only some time and then everyone will forget it.

So when you start money making online don’t think it will solve all your problem in a few days and you will have a shit load of money. No contrary it’s a slow process that needs time, effort and a lot of work before you are in a stop that you can say you are making some money.

I am using the slow method I am constantly learning and developing my skill in money making online. But I want to create a stable income for me and my family.

I started whit cents a day to now dollars a day. The goal is two hundred dollars a day or better sad 8.3$ a hour. Currently I’m not near that but I’m walking my way.

Our new category

Money making online will be one of the categories that I will try to tackle on this site so if you are interested in something like that don’t forget to bookmark this site and visit us again.

I will post at least one post a week on this topic.

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