Well, I didn’t post for the current month or two because some of my sites made a lot of mess for some reason. The fact is that a lot of content went down and I needed to reupload and re-link a lot of stuff and didn’t have the time to write more on this blog but that’s over now and let us continue where we stopped.

Well a lot has happened in those two months a lot of errors in my work have been found and now I’m trying to repair the damage.

Dou the CORONA-19 outbreak and self-isolation I had a lot of time to check everything and revalue my work. From what I can see I must say that most of the things I did on my sites I need to redo about 90% and repair about 110% of everything this site included.

The approach was wrong from the start

Made a mistake don’t judge. Like everyone else made a mistake a lot of mistakes on my sites. I really was focused on creating sites and adding content that I didn’t take in the fact that most of the stuff I add and do will make the site more complex and harder to re-edit or to maintain. That is something that I realized on one of the sites where I needed to re-link and re-upload at least 1700 videos and that was a pain in the ass to redo.

And that’s not all almost all of the sites had that problem. One more thing was Cloudflare for some reason I didn’t set up the main domain right and all my sites hosted on that server went berserk constantly going online and offline or up and down whatever you want.

And the problems just kept on coming and coming I stopped everything and went back to step 0 to set up everything from scratch. Every single domain every single option and saw where my problem was.

The problem

Like earlier said, I realized a lot of problems on my sites but none of those problems were actual problems but just errors that started to manifest on my server and sites duo to my mistakes and that’s the problem is me and my lack of skils my speed of doing things. I just want to make the site as soon as possible I don’t fix the problem I just put some tape on it to work and go on never looking back on the problem again because everything works just fine (for now).

And that’s the problem just glue tapping my problem won’t fix them it will make more problems in the long term and I really needed to evaluate the way I approached everything.

There isn’t a shortcut for me or anyone out there I really need to redo a lot of things start to live a bit slower and be patient. Put the effort in the things I do especially this because I want to make a steady income from websites and I need to be able to keep them up for at least 4 or 5 years to get something out of them.

The solving of the problem

I don’t like to say that I’m the problem like most of us don’t like to be the problem but I must say that really I’m the problem can’t blame anyone for this and I need to solve the problem.

For now, I can’t think about a duck tape fix but need a real solution and the only solution that I can think about is to change the approach on the way I do certain things. Or better said I need to change my self at first and that’s a good way to start fixing the problem.

The new approach

Changes are always difficult but for me to get to the point I want in life I need a new approach to most of the things, and this is also related to my webmaster hobby.

The new approach is the following, do things slower yes not faster but slower. Re-check everything that I do it’s easier to solve problems before they occur.

Dedicate more time to the thing I do and play fewer games, and stop wasting time on stupid things like reality shows or similar stuff there is a lot more to the world.

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