Grow on a daily basis!

Another day and another post is my way to grow on a daily basis. I know that I didn’t post for a few days but still I’ve done some other work on the site soo my daily work on this site is something that I’m sticking to.

Today is a special day for this site since this day is the day I bought this domain a few years ago. Now when I look on the site I really don’t have anything to look at since this site doesn’t have any content on it and I wasted way too much time on other things and this site that’s actually one of my life goals to create a site that’s mine and where I can write anything and share everything I want doesn’t have any content on it. But from now on this site is going to grow daily.

Identify your shortcomings and weaknesses

In order to grow you need to change something from bad to better. To change anything that’s broken you need first to identify the broken things and this is only possible if you are looking for them.

The things we need to realise in our lives are our shortcomings and weaknesses. If you are asking yourself how to look for them, I have a simple answer. Start to meditate!

Find a quiet place in your place of the work area, turn off all your devices get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. After this start to slowly take deep breaths and think about yourself while doing all of this. While doing all of this you will start to think about many things and one of those will be also all your shortcomings and weaknesses and you will start to think about what you can do about them. Better sad how to overcome them, but it’s one thing to think and realise your shortcomings and weaknesses another thing is actually to change everything that needs to be changed.

When you do everything I’ve told you then I want to congratulate you on the first step and you have already grown more than you realise now.

Start making plans and lists

Since you identified some of your shortcomings and weaknesses now it’s time to change them. We all think we can just change everything we are but change is a slow process and most of the time it takes months to change just one thing and not to mention that we are more than full of shortcomings and weaknesses.  In order to change you will need to start making plans and lists on how to change and all the things you need to change and what you need to do on a daily basis to overcome your shortcoming and weaknesses.

In order to create the best plans and lists to achieve something, I need to pinpoint some of the mistakes most people make when creating plans and lists.

The thing is that most of the time people just put too much at once. They make way too many plans and lists for doing certain things that are just unrealistic or they have more than 16 items on them. The optimal numbers I realised for plans and lists are different for plans it’s 3 items and for lists, it’s 10 items(3 important that you need to do and 7 if you want to make a plan for the whole day).

Also when you are making plans and lists break your big plans into smaller ones, and create smaller tasks for lists with more items but realistic tasks. Once a week try to take some time to roll back the week and see everything you achieved in the past days.

The change will come eventually

If you stick to all the things I said earlier you will achieve a lot, and you will also grow as a person or your project will grow since this advice can be used for creating plans, and lists for projects and work as well. Don’t think change will come the same day you start doing all these things since it’s a long process to change but if you stick to it for some period you will start to see changes and growth. Patience is the key to success in things like this sticking to something and working on it.

I know that you will skip days and it’s hard to keep a track of everything you need to do but there are a lot of apps that can help you whit this.

Keeping the records

When I spoke about making plans and lists, I also said that you need to roll back your process for the week and see everything you achieved in a week. In order to do so, you will need to keep records of all your plans and lists the best way to do so is to buy a notebook that will be used only for plans and lists. If you don’t want to write those things or want to keep them in some digital form you can always make some Word documents or create documents in the cloud on Google Docs. The important part is you need to keep a track of all the things you have done since it’s the best way to keep you motivated and keep you on your track to success and growth.

I like to keep my plans and lists in a notebook since digital is digital and written is better since you can always keep it whit you and edit it anywhere and you don’t need electricity or internet connection. But this is something you can decide what is working for you.

Good luck my dear friends

Since I already started everything I wrote here and started to see the changes and realised that everything mentioned earlier works I wish you good luck with your own growth, your own plans and tasks on your lists since that’s all I can do for you. You will need a lot of determination, patience and work in order to grow and achieve all the things you want.

I hope everything here will help you the way some books and other media helped me to make my life better whit those little things I described here.

See ya another day in another post and another topic until then. Stay safe and love yourself.

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