Fortnite Season 11 Begins Sunday, October 13

Fortnite has discharged a blog entry declaring a couple of up and coming changes, going top to bottom on Season 11 bots, the end date for Season 10 and the sky is the limit from there.

“Season X has been stretched out multi week to close on Sunday, October 13. This likewise implies an extra week to finish your Battle Pass, so bounce in and lock down each one of those Season X rewards!”

Epic additionally expresses that smurfing is a bannable offense, to some degree referencing Ghost Aydan’s Fortnite boycott for utilizing an alt account in Arena.

They additionally addressed inquiries regarding bots in Season 11.

What occurs with spectating on the off chance that I am vanquished by a Bot?

Rather than review the Bot that vanquished you, you will see another outstanding player. On the off chance that you are the final human player, the match will end.

Will I have the option to gathering up with Bots?

No, we’re not at present intending to help this usefulness. You and your companions can in any case utilize The Robot Emote to move together, be that as it may. 🙂

Would bots be able to utilize vehicles? Would bots be able to do 90s?

Not yet, however long haul we’re hoping to perceive how far we can push our Bots.

Would i be able to play a match totally against Bots?

We’re investigating a “versus Bot” mode as a way to hone your abilities, investigate the guide, and help lift your game to the following level.

Shouldn’t something be said about Bots in Creative mode?

Bots won’t be in Creative. This is something we will consider for our guide.

For years to come, Epic will keep The Combine as a perpetual mode.

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