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Last time I was talking about daily growth in the post Grow on a daily basis!

Today’s topic is related to that since one of my life goals is to create a site that can generate millions of views in a month. Since this site is new and there isn’t any content on it for now my current goals are simple to create as much as I can and try to generate traffic.

Organic traffic is the best but you can always use social media sites for generating traffic sites like Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Since my short term goal is to generate as much content as I can, I’m also trying to generate traffic as well since that’s the main goal of a quality site whit a lot of content and a lot of views.

In order to achieve that like earlier sad in the topic before Grow on a daily basis, I need to break down my goal into smaller pieces. I broke it down to ONE single VIEW in a WEEK and that’s my starting point.

The plan

From this day on I will try to double my traffic every month:

  • 1st-month traffic goal: 1 view
  • 2nd-month 2 traffic goal: 2 views
  • 3rd-month 3 traffic goal: 4 views
  • 4th-month traffic goal: 8 views
  • 5th-month traffic goal: 16 views
  • 6th-month traffic goal: 32 views
  • 7th-month traffic goal: 64 views
  • 8th-month traffic goal: 128 views
  • 9th-month traffic goal: 256 views
  • 10th-month traffic goal: 512 views
  • 11th-month traffic goal: 1024 views
  • 12th-month traffic goal: 2048 views
  • 13th-month traffic goal: 4096 views
  • 14th-month traffic goal: 8192 views
  • 15th-month traffic goal: 16384 ¬†views
  • 16th-month traffic goal: 32768 views
  • 17th-month traffic goal: 65536 views
  • 18th-month traffic goal: 131072 views
  • 19th-month traffic goal: 262144 views
  • 20th-month traffic goal: 524288 views
  • 21th-month traffic goal: 1048576 views
  • 22th-month traffic goal: 2097152 views
  • 23th-month traffic goal: 4194304 views
  • 24th-month traffic goal: 8388608 views

So if you look at this you can actually see that in just 2 years of work we could actually come to a large number if I keep on the plan and that’s something I plan on doing since I’m becoming more serious about my projects.

Sources of traffic

Since it’s a lot to generate from just organic traffic I will need a lot of social media traffic and I will need to invest a lot of time in link building and sharing my link in every possible location from images, bulletin boards, e-mail and many other places.

Also one of the things I will need to create is a large mailing list whit subscribers that will read my newsletters and visit this site or any other site.

So in order to achieve my goals, these are the sources of traffic I plan on using

  • Organic traffic (directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex)
  • Social media traffic (sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Videos (posting videos on different video hosting sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo)
  • Bulleting boards (old school but if you are an active user and you put your link in the signature you can generate a lot of traffic that way)
  • Newsletters (Creating E-mail lists and sending newsletters whit the latest posts, and also some offers and coupons so on)
  • Local community (Creating QR codes and sticking them on different public places so people can scan it and visit your site)
  • Directories (Online directories)
  • Comments (anywhere you can put a comment)
  • Guest posting (posting on other blogs and putting your link in the content)

Since these are the only traffic sources I could think about and the only ones I want to use to generate quality views or real visitors on the site, I won’t be mentioning bot traffic since that isn’t something I plan on using on this site. I want to create content for real people and not bot traffic.

Also since I’m just starting to develop my writing skills and English is not my mother language I will re-edit most of my posts in the future.

Thank you for reading, visiting keep safe and see you next time.

Love you all.


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