If you are interested in what this site is what this site is about, your in the right place.

  • First of all thank you for visiting this site.
  • This site is a personal blog and the owner of the site is Custos, 30 years old newbie blogger from Bosnia a small country in the Balkans.
  • The idea of the blog is personal development, personal growth, learning experience and a hobby.
  • The site started to work on the 1st of September 2022, from there on we will see how this site will develop.
  • Sharing is something the owner loves to do and that’s the reason why he started the site.
  • New content is added regularly and sometimes it’s constructive but most of the time it ain’t that way but bare whit it.
  • Content on the site is updated regularly and new posts are constantly created.
  • Everything you see on the site is free to use for personal and commercial use, just add the credits somewhere to the site.
  • There are ads on the site they are there because the sites needs some money for the domain and hosting.
  • This site doesn’t copy content the owner writes 90% of the text and creates most of the graphics content.

Currently that’s everything we can say about us.