Now this one is related to the 10k a month journey because it’s one of the ways I plan to get to the 10k monthly.

And this one is simple. We all know pop ads and most of us don’t like those kinds of ads but they are a great way to monetize your sites because every click counts something.

I’m going to use for this because they are giving the best rates for pop ads and you can add a substitution script if they don’t have any ads to serve or the rate is to low.

The plan for Pop Ads

I already have a few sites and I get visits to those sites most of them average around 500 users per day. Now those 500 users are worth around 0.5$ per site whit 5 sites that is around 2.5$ daily.

The plan is to create 30 sites whit similar visiting stats or 30 sites whit a similar amount of visitors daily.

Calculating that we come to the 30×0.5=15$ daily. Now the goal is 3k a month. So I need to create 30 sites whit 3 million, visitors a month or 100k visitors a day on all of my sites and if I divide that whit 30 sites that is around 3.34k visitors a day per site. So 3 million visitors a month ain’t a number I can’t reach.

The process

Because I don’t plan on making every month a new post about this I created a page on this blog so you can easily find all the latest updates for this project.

I will be posting my monthly progress or every 1st in the month I will post the stats from PopAds so that you can see the progress. Starting on the 1st of March whit the statistics from February.

And also all the payment profs as well.

I will write more about Pop Ads in the near future but for now, this is all I have to share just another plan on making some passive income. For now just a big project but I have hopes and plan on working hard the following 2 years to make this thing a reality.