March 27, 2023
Free apps

I’ve been using a lot of pirated software in my life and work, but I recently started migrating to free apps.

It’s not that I don’t have money for paying different apps it is more a way to free myself from Monopoly companies like Microsoft and Adobe.

Paid software and apps are bringing quality but often they make you pay more and more for the same software. I mean look at Adobe in the last few years nothing new or revolutionary and they keep raising the price of their new Apps since it’s cloud-based and you need to pay monthly and you don’t even have the software you are just renting it for the time you pay.

The hardest part like everything is to start but I starting. I’m going to try my best to find free solutions to all the applications I use in my daily life.

Since I create a lot of different documents Microsoft Office is something I use on a daily basis and that’s the first software I’m going to replace. I own an Office license but I was planning on buying Office 365 now I’m going to change all of that I start using WPS Office and Google Apps for those reasons since Google also has Google Docs and Google Sheets and many more free apps on their site that you can automatically put on the cloud.

The reason I chose WPS Office is simple. It’s free and that is a must from now on. The second thing is I can connect it directly to my Google cloud and save my documents it’s a form of back up and I can access all my files anywhere in the world.

Also, Inkscape is also something that I will be using from now on. I work as a graphic designer and I use a lot of CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator for my work but from now on except at work, I will be using only Inkscape and also will try Vectr since there are a lot of great reviews related to this software.

I’m still searching for a lot of alternatives for various purposes like video editing and image editing software, but eventually, I will find alternatives for that as well.

Also one of the biggest problems in finding a solution will be a replacement for Adobe InDesign since I use that a lot for designing catalogues and different publications. But I will find a replacement in time for that as well.

I love free software and free stuff so I’m going to share here a lot more free stuff that you can use for your projects and your work.

Thank you for visiting and come visit this blog again.

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