March 27, 2023

This is not my second post. Or maybe it is and I’m already talking about cash but that’s not the goal. The reason I created this post is to talk about it.

The idea is simple since this blog isn’t here for me to make some six-figure income but it’s a hobby and I really don’t think it will be that profitable I’m starting to make my money somewhere else.

But I will share my progress with you and how I plan to make some money online. The goal is 24.000 $ a year. It will probably be a long journey until I reach the wanted goal but it’s something to do.

Well, the plan is simple. Double the money every month. The goal for February is to earn at least 0.01$ and from there everything should start. Since I don’t have any other plans in my life I have time to test things out.

One of the ways I’m currently planning on using is on several sites that I will be starting in the following days and on this site as well since why not.

So this month I plan to make that 0.01$ whit I will be testing other ways to make money as well but that’s not the topic now since let’s make this a long journey and something worth writing about.

Also since there is this great tool from Google called Blogger I will be using that as well for this idea. I will be creating a few blogs adding some content to them and start driving traffic to them as well.

If I calculate it right to hit the target of 24.000$ yearly all I need is about 83.334 pop ads views daily. That’s about 1000 views distributed around 80 to 100 blogs. Looking at that something that’s actually possible.

And that’s my first plan and currently, I’m at 2nd blog on Blogger 98 to go.

Another thing here is that you can follow me here and all my work from now on also my failures and successes and learn from everything I do.

Since I don’t know what to write anymore here let’s end it here.

Thank you for visiting leave a shitty comment on this blog and see ya later.


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