The first goal achieved

I already spoke about my goals whit this site and everything I do and this is the first update on it. The first goal was to generate 0.01$ online and I’ve done that not only that but much more but I will stick to this the first goal was to generate that 0.01$ in a month.

I’ve still didn’t get it from this site but we will get there as well. One of the sites I own started to generate some money whit popups and regular ads. Better said the site started to generate traffic not much traffic but still something, and like I said earlier this is a long-term project and it’s not like I’m gonna make a million overnight.

This month I generated over 3$ from ads and another 10$ through software like HoneyGain and PacketStream check them out and try them for your self both of the mentioned are great passive income programs.

Now the cost of running this site and other sites is about 10$ a month so looking at that I can say that this is starting to be profitable it’s just 3$ but still, I’m not losing money when it comes to that. The next goal is to earn 0.02$ I know that I will achieve this goal as well but I need still to prepare for the goals that are ahead of me and the last goals will be more demanding because I need to figure out how will I achieve them and what’s the best way to achieve those goals.

I will continue to work on all my sites and try my best to generate that wanted income of 4000$ a month.

There are a lot of things that I want to share here whit you and in time I will since this is a learning process for me and I still need to grow as a blogger and a person before we get to the point I want to be and a point where you will find value in things that I write and share here whit you.

New things will from now on happen since I will start to share here pictures and videos that are free to use. I think that I have already said that but repeating something like that won’t hurt from my viewpoint. Saying that I didn’t have the time to share, and write more content is a lie and I don’t want to lie to my audience, I will say it as it is. I just did not have the energy or motivation to work the following few months since I’m still struggling whit some demons in my head and I’m trying my best to get past those demons and become a valuable asset o the global community.

Since this blog is also something that should help me become a better person and a valuable asset to the global community I’m constantly thinking of goals that are beneficial to you as a content user and me as the content creator. As that isn’t a simple task and value eventually comes from quantity I will do my best in order to share more content whit you.

Everything has its ups and downs and this site as well will have them but for now, my focus will be mostly on creating and sharing from there we will see what you value the most and how I can make the best possible site on my own.

Thank you for visiting my blog I hope we will see each other again and I love you.

Prosper in peace my dear friend, another day another opportunity awaits.

Thank you!

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