The first goal since the new beginning

Since I’m starting everything from scratch I need to set certain goals on what I want to accomplish on this site and all the other sites and projects. The first goal this month is to earn 0.01$.

I know it’s a simple task but that’s the first goal and I need to start from somewhere. Since my goal is to earn about 5,000$ monthly in 5 years from all my projects and sites. When I look at the time span and the time and work needed to achieve something like that I think it’s totally possible and achievable.

I set monthly goals like this one 0.01$ in one month. The next month it will be 0.02$ and so on I will work my way up to 5,000$ monthly where I will try to continue to make the same amount from month to month.

This is my plan by month:

  1. 0.01$
  2. 0.02$
  3. 0.04$
  4. 0.08$
  5. 0.16$
  6. 0.32$
  7. 0.64$
  8. 1.28$
  9. 2.56$
  10. 5.12$
  11. 10.24$
  12. 20.48$
  13. 40.96$
  14. 81.92$
  15. 163.84$
  16. 327.68$
  17. 655.36$
  18. 1,310.72$
  19. 2,621.44$
  20. 5,242.88$

That’s the idea double the income every month until I reach those 5,000$ if I don’t double it in a month I will add another month to that goal and so on but the goal is in 5 years to come to the wanted number. The other way is to make yearly goals where I will try to increase the monthly income by 1,000$ every year.

As for now, I’m going whit the plan listed above and I will keep updates related to that. The first update will be in October and from what I can see I have already done the goal but I will continue to work since I need to make more in the next steps so I need to make a good basis from where I can climb to the last step.

The process toward the goal is long but I will try my best to keep at it.

Thank you for visiting, this is the beginning of my post writing and I will be better in time.

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