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Today I want to talk whit you about I always worked whit graphics and did something related to that, and from time to time I was in need of stock images, vectors, and mockups. I was using different sites for some time but one day I stumbled upon the site and my life changed. Everything I needed in one place and it was great at first most of the content was free and I used it a lot after some time I realized that I need more than 10 downloads daily and some of the premium content and that’s where I became a premium user and don’t regret a single penny that I paid for the premium package my life got a lot easier.


Well, is a site for stock material. Mostly graphics stock material. You can find vectors, stock images, and PSD files. Recently they added Fonts as well and it’s great to have everything you need in one place makes your life a lot easier and your work as well.

How much does it cost?

Freepik is mostly free but you have certain limitations. As a free user, you are allowed to make 10 downloads for more downloads you need to register but not all the stock material there are still limitations. Because not all downloads are for free users for certain downloads you need to be a premium user.

So if you are asking for a price I will say it’s free but the premium is 9 EUR for a 12-month subscription and 15€ for a monthly subscription. If you compare this to other sites you realize that it’s not expensive actually it’s the cheapest quality stock material site. I am using Freepik for almost 2 years only as a premium and have only good things to say about this site.

Making money whit

One of the features on is contribution and you can make some money. If you get approved as a contributor you will get paid for every download someone makes on your files, and when you look at all the content they are providing to their users you will for sure find something that you can make and add some value to the site.

The score

Since this is something like a review of and I love this site so much of course there are some things that can be better and so on but since it saves a lot of time for me and has a lot of new and fresh content I need to say that this is the favorite site for me when I’m looking for some high-quality vectors, images, and mockups.

If I need to give this site a rating I would give it 9.2 out of 10.

Check the site out at and see what I’m talking about.

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